Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Small Victory for Us Victims of Danu!

I have some great news to share with all of you! I had made a previous blog entry asking all of you who were victims of Danu and staff's abuse to contact Organized Wisdom explaining what has been going on at her website. On her website, Danu had a "Healthy Site Award" from Organized Wisdom and as we know, Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers is anything but healthy. Danu and her staff have single-handedly ripped us away from friendships we developed, gaslighted us, and made relive the abuse of our NMs with her insane no-reason bans.

I had never gotten a response from Organized Wisdom, so I assumed my e-mail was overlooked along with anyone else who wrote in complaints. Out of curiosity, I visited her website last night and the award is no longer there. Take a look:

The Organized Wisdom award used to be located at the bottom of the page. What replaced it? An advertisement for one of her products - not even a full length of a page AWAY from ANOTHER ad of hers. This doesn't surprise me at all. You'd think she'd have some decency and leave the area where her "Healthy Site" award once was blank, but instead she uses the award being taken away from her as an opportunity to stick her charlatan products in the eyes of unsuspecting daughters of N's - in other words, her newest N Supply.

I even did a search for Danu on the Organized Wisdom site and she cannot be found on there. So ladies, we have taken a big step forward in exposing Danu for what she truly is!! Thanks so much for standing up with me and sending in your complaints to Organized Wisdom. Now they see Danu for what she is and have granted us priceless validation.

More and more of us will continue to come forward and sooner or later, Danu won't be able to abuse any more of us.


  1. Sugar, this is VERY Good News! As you said, it is Validation for those of us who have been victimized by Danu & Light. I am praying that one of Danu's Former moderators Grace will see Danu for who she really is and decide to stop supporting Danu's Diabolical Deception of preying upon her DONM Members & Clients, because as Danu says she sees them as "food". She has literally given Danu too much Grace and is now caught in Danu's Transformation Spell, and instead of Grace changing Danu, Danu has changed Grace. Let's pray that Danu's strongholds will be broken over all those she has N-chanted & Transformed, and the Captive will be set Free.

    Organized Wisdom did the difficult yet Right Choice by removing the Award. Not surprising how Danu covered up the Truth of the Revoked Award by replacing it w/an Ad of Deception. At least Organized Wisdom does not have to be apart of her Web of Deception.

    What I would like to see happen is a formal statement from Organized Wisdom why they have Revoked the Award from Danu. This would expose Danu as a Danger & help prevent others from being victimized by her.

    May GOD continue to bless you Sugar and all of those brave Women who have come forward to share their Experience in Danu's KoN, and may GOD be w/the other Women who have not come forward yet, but will in time. It is Very Important to bring the N's Deception into the Light, not only the N in this situation, but ALL situations.

    What happened to you matters & your Voice deserves to be heard. It does not matter if some do not believe you at first (been there!), because others will & they will appreciate your shared Experience and be thankful for the Validation for those who have also been attacked, and it will be an Essential Warning for those who want to avoid the Clear & Present Danger of Ns.

    Thank You Sugar for this Very Important Update!

    Letting Go

  2. good work, detective Sugar. :)

    Well, my blog "Artificial Emotional Intelligence" has gotten over 100 views in 2 weeks. Someone on that blog referred to Danu and her so-called "support forum" a "petting zoo for narcissists." LOL

  3. Thank you for the kind and supportive words, LettingGo and Cheshire! :)

  4. I was surprised at the number of posters there who are really in severe crisis. I'm not talking about just a handful, either. The replies of Danu were mostly to 'check out her tapping'....and frankly, I would wonder IF this would be that helpful for these women.

    Perhaps on a certain level, that could be also dangerous...substituting this for crisis therapy.

    Also, perhaps I have more of a 'tough-love' attitude, I'm 63 and don't suffer people who won't get the therapeutic help they obviously need....claiming that therapy would 'mess with their genuine self'....but I find this to be a real problem.

    Going over some of the issues there with my therapist, I have decided that the vast majority of these groups are perhaps counter productive and have decided to not join any. Too many troublesome issues...and it seems that some of these groups are set up to sell the group leader's books and little else.

    Love the petting zoo comment, though.

    Lady Nyo