Saturday, January 1, 2011

Your Chance to Speak The Truth About Danu Morrigan


I just want to share a post I made today at Web of Narcissism in a topic regarding Danu and the Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers forum:

"Just a little update about the website discussed in this topic, there is a 'Health Site Award'  logo on the bottom of her page that is given by the website 'Organized Wisdom'. Considering this website abuses people, it is highly ironic and inappropriate that this is on her page, and worse, strengthens this woman's facade that ensnares unsuspecting and vulnerable victims of narcissists. 
I already contacted Organized Wisdom via this link. If anyone else reading this needs to contact them and wants to expose the truth of what goes on there, this is where to do so. I don't know if we can make a difference in helping, but we can only try."

So once again, I urge you to come forward through blogs and by contacting this website if you have been abused by Danu or know anything about what goes on at that forum. Even if it doesn't make a difference in stopping her from hurting more people, you will provide priceless validation to those who were unfortunate enough to have had a negative experience there.

- Sugar


  1. I was banned from the site for sharing the story of my abusive childhood experiences with at the hands of my malignant narcissist mother. They weren't exactly pleasant posts, however, pleasant is rarely the nature of an abusive childhood.

    I had just discovered the site and finally realized what had been going on all of those years and was so relieved to share with others who understood.

    Desperately in need of support, I opened another account using a proxy server. The ladies on the board were so supportive. A few days later I received an admonishment from Danu and was told that my mother was antisocial and my comments on the board were unwanted. All of my posts and the responses to them were deleted (Wasn't aware Danu was a psychologist or mental health care professional of any sort capable of diagnosing my mother or my situation)

    The experience was one of rejection added to a lifetime rejection...very frustrating, painful and disappointing.

    Thank You for the opportunity to vent....Partly Sunny

  2. When I joined DoNM I thought I had found a home.
    On joining someone else sent me a pm, to warn me about Danu's banning, but I just ignored it.
    Sure as hell, some time later, I was made unwelcome and banned.
    Danu is a bully, end of.

  3. I was banned yesterday after being a member for 3 whole days. My crime was answering a question on my own story about why I felt like I could only be half of myself within the rules. Despite not once breaking the rules, feeling like half of yourself because you are limited by rules is crime enough to be banned. I received a message saying I had broken the terms... I hadn't, I even double checked.

  4. I was informed by a reader on my blog ( that the DoNM forum has been down for several weeks.

    I checked and, indeed, it is down with a message attributing it to technical difficulties. Given that her husband is an internet geek, it is unlikely that is the real reason.

    My own suspicions are that the forum is now permanently defunct, "Danu" (real name: Tracy Culleton) having picked the brains of the members sufficiently to have put out a book that is enjoying sales, so she no longer needs it. (She self-identifies as a "best-selling author.") She has (or at least had) a dozen or so sites on the web, all of them static sites she doesn't update, visit or interact with the readers...I suspect the DoNM site is going to become the same now.

    Interestingly, her Massive Action Marketing page is also down: this is the site in which she describes customers (like members of the forum) as food to be cultivated and harvested (and weeded--that is what happened to those of us who were banned--we were weeded out)...looks to me like her DoNM farm has been harvested and she has no more need for the members.

    Hopefully, the ladies on the forum were able to exchange private email addresses before Tracy pulled the plug on them.

  5. AHA!! Here is why I think the forum has gone away:

    "Drew Keys" is actually "Light" on the DoNM site (real name: Michelle Ede.) Neither Tracy Culleton ("Danu") nor Michelle have any background in mental health: Tracy has no more than a high school education and no real career history and Michelle is a carpenter. But on the internet, you can be anybody, do anything.

    In case you didn't know, most of the "resources" on the DoNM site were "written" by Michelle. In truth, she plagiarized sites, most notably the late Joanna Ashmun's site, and published on the DoNM site without attribution. That may have changed by now, but that was the situation three years ago when I researched it and found many of the articles verbatim copies of Ashmun's work (and since Ashmun was dead, it was pretty clear who copied whom). Other articles were written by Kate Miles, an admin on the site. When Kate saw the truth and asked to terminate her membership, she was banned and the bylines on her articles changed.

    This new web page tells me that Tracy and Michelle have cobbled together a bunch of stuff to sell on the web (the EFT and donate buttons weren't bringing in enough money) and no longer need the forum. Michelle has her own site, "Light's House" where she also flogs some of this material. Don't be surprised if the forum never resurfaces or, if it does, it is virtually unrecognizable from the original.

  6. Another I'd start watching and be leary of is barbara camwell ness. She runs a DoNM page on Fb. So similar in control. Creepy. She outed herself trying to victimize herself.