Sunday, June 24, 2012

An Entry After a Shamefully Long Time

Hi! I know it's been an incredibly long time since I've posted anything here. Real life stuff with stresses of college have been taking over my life! As a result, updating the blog had gone on the back burner and I couldn't really think of many interesting things to write about. :(

But in between studying, I'd check the e-mail I created for this blog from time to time and still see comments after all these months. And I can't begin to say how much that means to me! I really hope the posts I've made in this blog saved people from experiencing the same hurt so many of us unfortunately endured at DoNM, or brought comfort to those who have experienced Danu's emotional abuse.

I really do want to catch up on all the replies I missed out on. A month or so ago, I also had plans of writing a post about an experience with my NM as well. Hopefully I can get to that as soon as possible!

Thanks to all of you, once again, who have read this blog, are currently reading it, or comment on my posts. It really brings me much happiness to hear from people on here, so always feel free to drop a line! Hope all of you are experiencing happiness and peace in your lives. :)

1 comment:

  1. Thank you for you blog. It is helpful, truthful and beautiful.

    Hope you have found your answers and are thriving. I am still looking for mine.

    It is a long journey.